Hi, I am Pedro Viegas

Hi, welcome to my website.

My name is Pedro Viegas, I was born in Lisbon, Portugal in the spring of 1984 but partially raised in Macao, China

I have lived in Lisbon, Macao, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands and I am married to a South Korean woman so I consider myself a citizen of the world.

I hold a tourism degree from Laureate Internacional Universities and I have worked in many Hotels and restaurants across the world.
I also have work experience in Casino Surveillance and as a monitor in a Rehab Clinic.

I learned a lot in the Rehab Clinic and I am an expert in the areas of health, nutrition, and exercise. I am passionate about helping others improve their overall health and well-being.
If you suffer from any kind of addiction or just need motivation to continue the right path in life I am the perfect coach to help you to overcome your problem.